30,000 Videos Made

We launched Contenter on the Appstore in September, 2016.

While you might not know about the best social media video editing app around, our users have loved using our app.

Now 2 years since launch

…with a lot of ups and downs

…and more than a few round and abouts

…plus several months of learning the ins and outs


30,000 videos have been made!


From workout videos and wedding recaps, to podcast explainers.

From Korea (where we’re based) and the United States (where we’re from)
to Ecuador, Malaysia, Jamaica and the great places in between!

Contenter users have created all kinds of awesome video masterpieces that we hadn’t even dreamed possible when we started out.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our users for being so awesome.

This is what the Contenter app looks like today:

We couldn’t have made it this far without your help. Especially those who stuck with us all this time and provided us with the feedback and direction to make Contenter into what it is now.

If you are using some other app to make videos, awesome.

But you should really give Contenter a try.

It’s FREE to download and use.

Download Contenter and try it for yourself!



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