From ‘Out of Business’ to ‘Sold Out’ – 3 Takeaways

A single well-crafted video campaign can make or break a business.

Especially if you’re just starting or running a business that needs to move merchandise fast.

This Korean online shopping mall, Real Chango, was on the brink of going out of business.

Then an employee made a Facebook video ad with Contenter and launched a video ad campaign on Facebook and instagram that helped sell out their entire stock in just 4 days!

The video is simple.

It also had the potential to go viral on social media and be seen by a lot of people for a number of easy to understand reasons.

1. Big bold text with concise, informative subtitles

2. A short, 30 second video with an adorable dog and interesting product

3. A clear Call To Action at the end
(plus their watermark throughout the video)

All it takes is a little creativity and time to create a well-crafted video.

Download Contenter and make your own (it’s free!)



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