Video Templates for Every Content Need

Having trouble coming up with an idea for a video? Let us do it for you.

You can create your own professional-grade content based on successful video campaigns using Contenter’s free video templates. It’s the fastest way to create perfect video content for social media.

Contenter’s video templates are based on successful social media ad campaigns and fit all kinds of situations and needs, from product explainers and event recaps to simple video ideas just to keep fans engaged.


New templates are uploaded to Contenter each week and many were inspired by real user videos made by individuals and businesses who already use Contenter.

To get started, simply select a template, switch the images and video, adjust the text, and upload your logo. The template automatically includes eye-catching effects and animated captions to make your content pop.

Check out a few templates below. We’re sure we have one you’re looking for!

(3 benefit explainer perfect for explaining an idea or service)

(Hashtag campaign that works for any social media profile or page)

(Sales announcement perfect for products and promotions)

Download Contenter and try it for yourself!




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