Make a Video from Scratch with Custom Editing!

Contenter is a great app for creating content on the fly.

We wanted to create the simplest, fastest video app for businesses and individuals (who might not necessarily know about creating video) to create their own great content to regularly upload on their news feeds.

In doing so, we intentionally hid some of the more advanced editing features that videographers and people with experience making videos on other apps and software might find useful or essential.

Today we’ll show you how to access some custom text editing features so that you can design the perfect captions for your video using Contenter. Here we go!


After starting a video project, adding your footage and some text you can tap the “” button to access customizable caption editing.

If you’re new to Contenter, this menu is a bit hidden. It let’s you adjust the design, layout and length of your captions to your heart’s content!




In the menu, there are four main features of your caption that you can customize.

On the far left are the caption for text animations, that will change how your captions enter the screen.

Next are the location of captions, then the background and finally the time your caption will appear on the screen.




If I tap the caption location icon it will change the place my text is located, which you can use to match the images and content of your videos as needed.

The text locations we offer are all based on thousands of real video ads for social media.

The one I apply below is aligned to the center, rather than the original location of diagonal and to the side.




Next if you tap the background icon, it will add different elements to make your text pop.

Text is key in any social media campaign, where the majority of videos are watched on autoplay and without sound.

When I tap it once we get this nice banner to make it stand out.




If you’re thinking of ways to make a successful video campaign with eye-catching text, try out Contenter’s custom editing!

Download it here to use these features for free

You can also unlock even more customizable editing with a PRO upgrade.
We’ll detail those features in a later post.




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