Why you Should Add an Outro to Videos


Increase brand awareness.

Add an outro to the end of your videos to highlight your logo or watermark.

It’s as easy as pressing one button to add a professional and memorable ending to all your video content. Here’s how to do it in the Contenter app:


To add an outro to the end of your video, first you need to upload a logo or watermark.

If you use Contenter and haven’t done it already, you should. It’s simple, free and easy (plus you get to remove the Contenter watermark in the upper-right corner)




After going to the watermark menu (by pressing the tag button on the bottom of the screen) you can toggle the Contenter watermark on/off or upload your own brand logo or watermark.

Upload it once and it will automatically be applied to all video projects.




If you use a PNG you can have a clear background. You can upload any image from your phone to use as your video watermark




Now that you have a watermark you can toggle on/off the outro button to add a 3 second outro to the end of your video that will highlight your brand.




It looks like this!




An upgrade to Contenter PRO also lets you upload and manage multiple watermarks if you have several different brands or products, but more on that later!

Download it here to try it out today



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