Customize font colors to match your brand identity


Tired of editing apps that only let you use a limited number of colors for your text?

Contenter lets you completely customize the text that goes into your video creations and even enables you to match your brand identity with your logo.

Here’s how:


1. After you have some clips, upload your logo



You can upload your logo as an image right from your phone and even use a PNG file if you want to make the background transparent.




For this example I used a logo with a white background because the corner of the footage I’m using is black.

Always make sure your footage doesn’t obscure your logo. People must see it!


2. Add text by tapping the header or caption areas



Let’s keep it simple with a brief event announcement: “It’s pool night!” I’ll also add the date and hashtag name of my (fictional) bar business.




After you are satisfied with your text, press the palette button to access the Contenter PRO font customization menu.


3. If you’re not a PRO yet, upgrade!



Aside from custom colors, a PRO upgrade will let you use songs from your phone, remove the Contenter watermark from all of your projects, save videos to your camera roll, and other very useful things!


4. Customize the colors to match with your logo or watermark



You can individually adjust the header, caption, hashtags and other design elements of your text.

Simply use the dial to slide through and find the colors, brightness, and saturation that perfectly matches your brand identity. Then press done!


5. Save your custom text design for future use



If you press the star buttom, these colors and design elements will be saved for future use, so you can use your brand colors in videos you make later without having to do anything.


Got it? Now try for yourself!


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