Make a Video from Scratch with Custom Editing!

Contenter is a great app for creating content on the fly.

We wanted to create the simplest, fastest video app for businesses and individuals (who might not necessarily know about creating video) to create their own great content to regularly upload on their news feeds.

In doing so, we intentionally hid some of the more advanced editing features that videographers and people with experience making videos on other apps and software might find useful or essential.

Today we’ll show you how to access some custom text editing features so that you can design the perfect captions for your video using Contenter. Here we go!


After starting a video project, adding your footage and some text you can tap the “” button to access customizable caption editing.

If you’re new to Contenter, this menu is a bit hidden. It let’s you adjust the design, layout and length of your captions to your heart’s content!




In the menu, there are four main features of your caption that you can customize.

On the far left are the caption for text animations, that will change how your captions enter the screen.

Next are the location of captions, then the background and finally the time your caption will appear on the screen.




If I tap the caption location icon it will change the place my text is located, which you can use to match the images and content of your videos as needed.

The text locations we offer are all based on thousands of real video ads for social media.

The one I apply below is aligned to the center, rather than the original location of diagonal and to the side.




Next if you tap the background icon, it will add different elements to make your text pop.

Text is key in any social media campaign, where the majority of videos are watched on autoplay and without sound.

When I tap it once we get this nice banner to make it stand out.




If you’re thinking of ways to make a successful video campaign with eye-catching text, try out Contenter’s custom editing!

Download it here to use these features for free

You can also unlock even more customizable editing with a PRO upgrade.
We’ll detail those features in a later post.



Video Templates for Every Content Need

Having trouble coming up with an idea for a video? Let us do it for you.

You can create your own professional-grade content based on successful video campaigns using Contenter’s free video templates. It’s the fastest way to create perfect video content for social media.

Contenter’s video templates are based on successful social media ad campaigns and fit all kinds of situations and needs, from product explainers and event recaps to simple video ideas just to keep fans engaged.


New templates are uploaded to Contenter each week and many were inspired by real user videos made by individuals and businesses who already use Contenter.

To get started, simply select a template, switch the images and video, adjust the text, and upload your logo. The template automatically includes eye-catching effects and animated captions to make your content pop.

Check out a few templates below. We’re sure we have one you’re looking for!

(3 benefit explainer perfect for explaining an idea or service)

(Hashtag campaign that works for any social media profile or page)

(Sales announcement perfect for products and promotions)

Download Contenter and try it for yourself!



Become a Video Expert Overnight & Surprise Your Team

We received the following success story from an awesome marketer and PR manager who works at a place youth center in Seoul, South Korea.

Apparently video was a big part of their marketing strategy on social networks and online for events that they run at the center.

Plus, they always have interesting activities happening at the center they had tons of material to use for their video.

Instead of outsourcing their promo video for an event. This marketer downloaded the Contenter app and gave it a try on her own. Here’s what she had to say:

“We usually promote our events with Facebook videos. My team and I were shocked when a video I made all by myself in just a few minutes with Contenter completely outperformed videos it took our entire team several days to create.”

And here’s the video she made:

Get Contenter



From ‘Out of Business’ to ‘Sold Out’ – 3 Takeaways

A single well-crafted video campaign can make or break a business.

Especially if you’re just starting or running a business that needs to move merchandise fast.

This Korean online shopping mall, Real Chango, was on the brink of going out of business.

Then an employee made a Facebook video ad with Contenter and launched a video ad campaign on Facebook and instagram that helped sell out their entire stock in just 4 days!

The video is simple.

It also had the potential to go viral on social media and be seen by a lot of people for a number of easy to understand reasons.

1. Big bold text with concise, informative subtitles

2. A short, 30 second video with an adorable dog and interesting product

3. A clear Call To Action at the end
(plus their watermark throughout the video)

All it takes is a little creativity and time to create a well-crafted video.

Download Contenter and make your own (it’s free!)



3 Reasons List Videos Work

We like to see things arranged in a list.
That’s because…

1. We naturally understand the world in numbers

2. Arranging things in a list helps us understand faster

3. Things in a list seem more important

So, lists help us absorb information and absorb it faster. Plus merely adding something in a list makes us perceive it as more important than other things.

Content creators and marketers employ this technique all the time. You’ve definitely seen titles that went something like:

20 Funny Instagram Accounts to Look at When You’re Sad (or Bored)
or 10 Brands Whose Visual Facebook Content Tickles Our Funny Bone.

And this technique works equally well with video content (if not better)!

Here are 3 list videos made by Contenter users:

List videos are a simple way to increase views!
Lists help your viewers remember things!
They can also help you explain complicated things! 

Try our app and make your own list video today.

We even have a video template to help you get started!

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