From ‘Out of Business’ to ‘Sold Out’ – 3 Takeaways

A single well-crafted video campaign can make or break a business.

Especially if you’re just starting or running a business that needs to move merchandise fast.

This Korean online shopping mall, Real Chango, was on the brink of going out of business.

Then an employee made a Facebook video ad with Contenter and launched a video ad campaign on Facebook and instagram that helped sell out their entire stock in just 4 days!

The video is simple.

It also had the potential to go viral on social media and be seen by a lot of people for a number of easy to understand reasons.

1. Big bold text with concise, informative subtitles

2. A short, 30 second video with an adorable dog and interesting product

3. A clear Call To Action at the end
(plus their watermark throughout the video)

All it takes is a little creativity and time to create a well-crafted video.

Download Contenter and make your own (it’s free!)



3 Reasons List Videos Work

We like to see things arranged in a list.
That’s because…

1. We naturally understand the world in numbers

2. Arranging things in a list helps us understand faster

3. Things in a list seem more important

So, lists help us absorb information and absorb it faster. Plus merely adding something in a list makes us perceive it as more important than other things.

Content creators and marketers employ this technique all the time. You’ve definitely seen titles that went something like:

20 Funny Instagram Accounts to Look at When You’re Sad (or Bored)
or 10 Brands Whose Visual Facebook Content Tickles Our Funny Bone.

And this technique works equally well with video content (if not better)!

Here are 3 list videos made by Contenter users:

List videos are a simple way to increase views!
Lists help your viewers remember things!
They can also help you explain complicated things! 

Try our app and make your own list video today.

We even have a video template to help you get started!

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30,000 Videos Made

We launched Contenter on the Appstore in September, 2016.

While you might not know about the best social media video editing app around, our users have loved using our app.

Now 2 years since launch

…with a lot of ups and downs

…and more than a few round and abouts

…plus several months of learning the ins and outs


30,000 videos have been made!


From workout videos and wedding recaps, to podcast explainers.

From Korea (where we’re based) and the United States (where we’re from)
to Ecuador, Malaysia, Jamaica and the great places in between!

Contenter users have created all kinds of awesome video masterpieces that we hadn’t even dreamed possible when we started out.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our users for being so awesome.

This is what the Contenter app looks like today:

We couldn’t have made it this far without your help. Especially those who stuck with us all this time and provided us with the feedback and direction to make Contenter into what it is now.

If you are using some other app to make videos, awesome.

But you should really give Contenter a try.

It’s FREE to download and use.

Download Contenter and try it for yourself!



Sneek Peak at Ad:Tech NY

There is no need to dread video marketing any longer.

We have been working on the perfect video app for marketers in need of quick, professional video content for uploading on social media like Facebook.

It’s called Contenter and it’s an app that lets you create shareable video content for social media marketing with tap and type captions, voice recording and automated editing.

With this one app, anyone can create their own simple video ad in minutes using just a smartphone.

We are a Seoul-based IT startup and this is our third app trying to solve the same basic problem of how to provide everyone with equal access to video advertising.

We wanted to pay a visit overseas to see how marketers interact with the beta version of our app, which is why we brought our entire team all the way to Ad:Tech New York to share it with marketers from around the world.

Here are just a few sneek peak samples of the kind of video you can make for free using Contenter.

First and foremost we wanted to make it easy for entrepreneurs with great products and services to create stunning video ads that share what they have to offer to the world.

By capturing footage or using photos and clips already in your phone, any online store or small business with a stellar product can create a simple, professional product catalogue or demo for free.

We also wanted to ensure that videos created with Contenter were optimized for the platform. Our ridiculously simple type and tap captions are perfect for Facebook autoplay, where sound is optional but eye-catching captions are key.

Since video creation takes a lot of time and resources away from business owners and marketers alike, we also wanted to make the editing process as streamlined as possible.

In our beta version, we’ve added just 3 initial designs that with a push of a button let you customize your video’s fonts, effects, background music and filters.

If you want to try it for yourself, check out our early-access beta version.