14 Beautiful, Free Fonts for Any Kind of Video Content


Contenter has a wide selection of free, ready-to-use fonts for you to design the text in your videos with.

We offer fonts for 8 languages (Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic) that can be downloaded for free after downloading the Contenter app.

Big bold captions with eye-catching fonts are important for helping your video content stand out in newsfeeds.



(Fonts from left to right: Fakedes Outline, RixMiniBusD_Pro, Vanilla.ttf)


We’re sure you’ll find one you like!

Try Contenter today and see for yourself (it’s free!)



Hack the First 3 Seconds of your Videos to Increase Views


Let’s say you spent a lot of time and energy making a great piece of video content. Wouldn’t you want people to see it? How can you guarantee that the video you worked so hard on will be watched?

If you plan to post your content on social media, like Facebook, there is a ton of other content to compete with. We all scroll through our newsfeeds, avoiding ads that feel like spam while searching for the next piece of content that catches our eye.

Data shows that viewers who watch the first 3 seconds of your video are twice as likely to watch to the end. Also 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

That’s why the first 3 seconds are super important! Check out these videos made by real people like you and let’s break down what they did right.


1. Entertain and intrigue

One way to capturing attention in the first 3 seconds and hook your viewers is to connect the content of your video to something fun, entertaining, or intriguing that everyone likes.

Ask a question offer a titillating fact or put a dog butt in your video and you’re halfway to a great first 3 seconds.


2. Fit in, be relatable

People browse Facebook to browse content about their friends and interests. Because we’re bombarded with advertisements both online and offline throughout our day we are extremely good at catching advertisements.

It’s important to fit in, speak the language of your audience and try to communicate to them in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they’re just being sold something all the time.


3. Offer specific, useful and timely help

Another way to reach people in the first few seconds of your video is to help them solve the specific problem that’s bothering them or find something they were already looking for.

Remember, it’s important to be specific, concise and helpful. It is equally important to have big bold captions, vibrant colors and imagery that will catch as many eyeballs as possible.

Try hacking the first 3 seconds of your next video right now


Why you Should Add an Outro to Videos


Increase brand awareness.

Add an outro to the end of your videos to highlight your logo or watermark.

It’s as easy as pressing one button to add a professional and memorable ending to all your video content. Here’s how to do it in the Contenter app:


To add an outro to the end of your video, first you need to upload a logo or watermark.

If you use Contenter and haven’t done it already, you should. It’s simple, free and easy (plus you get to remove the Contenter watermark in the upper-right corner)




After going to the watermark menu (by pressing the tag button on the bottom of the screen) you can toggle the Contenter watermark on/off or upload your own brand logo or watermark.

Upload it once and it will automatically be applied to all video projects.




If you use a PNG you can have a clear background. You can upload any image from your phone to use as your video watermark




Now that you have a watermark you can toggle on/off the outro button to add a 3 second outro to the end of your video that will highlight your brand.




It looks like this!




An upgrade to Contenter PRO also lets you upload and manage multiple watermarks if you have several different brands or products, but more on that later!

Download it here to try it out today


Feature Highlight – Search Free Stock Images

You can create professional content without even pressing the record button.

That’s because Contenter lets you search for free stock images that are licensed and ready for commercial use making it the easiest way to create content fast.

If you’re making an advertisement with stock footage it’s important to attribute when necessary because you don’t want to get in trouble using someone else’s footage for commercial reasons.

Contenter uses Google search advanced search “free to use, share or modify, even commercially.” Here’s how to make a video using stock footage with the Contenter app!


Once you start a video project, press “STOCK” to search the internet for free to use stock images to go into your video.




Then, if I search for a word like “POTATO,” Contenter will pull up all of the commercially viable images from across the web for that subject.

You can choose ANY of the results in this menu without worrying about infringing on license agreements.




After selecting the images you want to use you can do additional searches for related images you want to go into your video. I’ll choose these 4 for now…




And voila! You’ve got the main images for your video and are ready to add captions.




If you don’t have any of your own photos or videos in your camera roll but need to make a video on the fly, try out the search feature in Contenter.

Download it here to try it out today

As a small bonus, here are some of our favorite photo and video stock footage sites from the web:


Stock Photos

1. http://jaymantri.com/

2. https://magdeleine.co/browse/

3. http://startupstockphotos.com/


4. https://images.superfamous.com/

5. http://cupcake.nilssonlee.se/


Stock Video

6. https://giphy.com/explore/free-to-use

7. http://mazwai.com/#/grid