Customize font colors to match your brand identity


Tired of editing apps that only let you use a limited number of colors for your text?

Contenter lets you completely customize the text that goes into your video creations and even enables you to match your brand identity with your logo.

Here’s how:


1. After you have some clips, upload your logo



You can upload your logo as an image right from your phone and even use a PNG file if you want to make the background transparent.




For this example I used a logo with a white background because the corner of the footage I’m using is black.

Always make sure your footage doesn’t obscure your logo. People must see it!


2. Add text by tapping the header or caption areas



Let’s keep it simple with a brief event announcement: “It’s pool night!” I’ll also add the date and hashtag name of my (fictional) bar business.




After you are satisfied with your text, press the palette button to access the Contenter PRO font customization menu.


3. If you’re not a PRO yet, upgrade!



Aside from custom colors, a PRO upgrade will let you use songs from your phone, remove the Contenter watermark from all of your projects, save videos to your camera roll, and other very useful things!


4. Customize the colors to match with your logo or watermark



You can individually adjust the header, caption, hashtags and other design elements of your text.

Simply use the dial to slide through and find the colors, brightness, and saturation that perfectly matches your brand identity. Then press done!


5. Save your custom text design for future use



If you press the star buttom, these colors and design elements will be saved for future use, so you can use your brand colors in videos you make later without having to do anything.


Got it? Now try for yourself!


PRO features: custom music and colors

The Contenter app lets anyone create their own HD branded videos using only their smartphone for free.

But I’d like to share a few of the additional features users gain access to when they upgrade to a Contenter PRO account.

Precise Fonts


1. Your Music

A Contenter PRO upgrade will enable you to branch out from the list of free songs in Contenter and lets you use songs in videos right from your phone.

All you have to do is select songs stored in your phone and add them to videos to create your own, unique video content.

We currently offer 50 pre-licensed tracks produced by an indie musician.

*One thing to always keep in mind is if you are making a marketing video for business reasons is to check whether you have the rights to use that song in your content.


Yout Music


2. Precise Text Colors

PRO users can also select the precise text colors they want, customizing to their hearts content.

We added this feature because businesses and brands needed it in order to match the content of their video text with their brand identity.

You can also customize different colors for headers, captions and hashtags to make your text more eye-catching and stand out in newsfeeds.


In additon to these features, a PRO upgrade will also let you to remove the Contenter watermark from all of your video projects, save videos to your camera roll, and do other very useful things!

A PRO upgrade can be purchased and subscribed to within the Contenter app.

Learn more.


14 Beautiful, Free Fonts for Any Kind of Video Content


Contenter has a wide selection of free, ready-to-use fonts for you to design the text in your videos with.

We offer fonts for 8 languages (Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic) that can be downloaded for free after downloading the Contenter app.

Big bold captions with eye-catching fonts are important for helping your video content stand out in newsfeeds.



(Fonts from left to right: Fakedes Outline, RixMiniBusD_Pro, Vanilla.ttf)


We’re sure you’ll find one you like!

Try Contenter today and see for yourself (it’s free!)



Hack the First 3 Seconds of your Videos to Increase Views


Let’s say you spent a lot of time and energy making a great piece of video content. Wouldn’t you want people to see it? How can you guarantee that the video you worked so hard on will be watched?

If you plan to post your content on social media, like Facebook, there is a ton of other content to compete with. We all scroll through our newsfeeds, avoiding ads that feel like spam while searching for the next piece of content that catches our eye.

Data shows that viewers who watch the first 3 seconds of your video are twice as likely to watch to the end. Also 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

That’s why the first 3 seconds are super important! Check out these videos made by real people like you and let’s break down what they did right.


1. Entertain and intrigue

One way to capturing attention in the first 3 seconds and hook your viewers is to connect the content of your video to something fun, entertaining, or intriguing that everyone likes.

Ask a question offer a titillating fact or put a dog butt in your video and you’re halfway to a great first 3 seconds.


2. Fit in, be relatable

People browse Facebook to browse content about their friends and interests. Because we’re bombarded with advertisements both online and offline throughout our day we are extremely good at catching advertisements.

It’s important to fit in, speak the language of your audience and try to communicate to them in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they’re just being sold something all the time.


3. Offer specific, useful and timely help

Another way to reach people in the first few seconds of your video is to help them solve the specific problem that’s bothering them or find something they were already looking for.

Remember, it’s important to be specific, concise and helpful. It is equally important to have big bold captions, vibrant colors and imagery that will catch as many eyeballs as possible.

Hack the first 3 seconds of your next video now